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Voice and Performance Instructor

“I promise to be respectful at all times of your process…wherever you are in your journey. I have helped people to sing who have had trouble in the beginning even matching pitch. I have also taught people who were out on the road with platinum selling bands. The deeper dream lives in all levels of expression.

I believe if you can talk that you can sing. We are most vulnerable when we are singing. Our “instrument”, the voice, IS us. In other words, we don’t put our finger on a valve or a key on some other instrument to produce the sound. The sound we produce begins with us and is a reflection of all we are. When we are happy our human voice responds, when we are sad, angry or hopeful it can be heard in our voices. To sing is the most intimate kind of expression. I understand how exciting and scary it can be. It is an honor and privilege to work in this realm of human expression.”         -Ginny Mitchell-

All styles

Jazz – R&B – Rock – Blues – Country

All levels,  Beginner to Pro.

Increase your range and strength,
Gain better vocal control,
Engage your audience,
Learn how to get gigs,
Erase stage fright

*Competitive rates*

Ginny has all the skills I expected from a vocal coach for teaching the basics of pitch, breathing, phrasing, dynamics, etc but her ability to instantly focus on ways to improve is impressive to say the least. I show up and we immediately get to work with instant results in any style of music. No need to be nervous with her as she has a professional but sensitive approach to instruction that has me looking forward to each lesson and I leave excited to go home and improve after each one. She has taught me to deeply understand the meaning of the songs I choose so I can convey their message or at least what they mean to me and this has made me feel like a singer, not just a guitar player who sings along. That has been a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Chris U., Soquel, Ca.

“I started singing professionally relatively late in life and was referred to Ginny by a friend in the local Santa Cruz music scene.  She has been an amazing coach, working with me on specific songs and on posture, pitch, stance, breath control, learning melodies, head voice, chest voice and more.  She plays piano and guitar and helps me figure out what the best key for me to sing each song in and coaches me on phrasing.  All of these things have been invaluable in my quest to be a better singer.  As an example of how beneficial her coaching has been, a few weeks back I had to sing a pretty challenging song by Melissa Ethridge, not an easy person to cover, I wasn’t even sure I could do the song justice, I worked with Ginny for one hour about two days before the gig and after the show 3 women came up to me and said they were surprised I was even going to attempt that song and that I nailed it, said it was their favorite song of the night.  It was all because of the solid suggestions Ginny gave me.  I can’t say enough good things about this accomplished singer and vocal coach.”

Michele M., Santa Cruz, Ca

Hands down the best vocal teacher I have ever had.  Just adore her! She diagnosed my issues and had me singing properly and breathing right in just a few lessons. I am no longer experiencing vocal fatigue and sing with ease. Her suggestions are spot on  and her expertise is unmatched. She has made being a better singer completely achievable, and I’m now doing more guitar as well. Don’t take my spot!

Kimberly Kay, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Ginny is awesome!  I recommend her for any creative endeavor and I have had the pleasure of learning production as it pertains to music and singing and playing instruments!  Ginny is caring, kind, generous, available and highly skilled when it comes to music and technology!

Laurie L., Santa Cruz, Ca.

Where: West side of Santa Cruz
Times: Noon to 7PM, Mon – Sat.
Cost:  $40 1/2 hour   $75 1 hour
Private lessons recorded
Learn from a pro with 30 years of experience in teaching all levels
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