Just to Hear Your Voice
The newest CD from Ginny, musicians include Nina Gerber, Rob Ickes, Tiran Porter and Barry Phillips. Ginny’s written some beautiful songs for this CD, as well as covered some of her favorites over the years, including songs from the Rolling Stones, the Cure as well as Hoagy Carmichael. And she makes each one her own.BUY ALBUM
“Just to Hear Your Voice” is now available at CDBaby.com and itunesYou can also listen to the full songs at CD Baby.com

1. Shine
2. Miss You Boy
3. Just to Hear Your Voice
4. Sanctuary
5. Ed and Alice
6. Heart of the Matter
7. Mother’s Little Helper
8. That’s What Tomorrow Is For
9. Straight To You
10. When You Wish Upon a Star
11. Love Song
12. Stardust

wild rose Wild Rose
Sweet and soulful, Americana.Bluegrass flavored country. Guests include Mark O’Conner, Bela Fleck and Alison Krauss
“Wild Rose “ is now available at CDBaby.com and itunes
You can also listen to the full songs at CD Baby.comTRACKS
1. Wild Rose
2. Go My Way
3. Bend in the Water
4. Some Mistakes
5. And the Spirit Sings
6. Can’t Stop Now
7. Why Do we keep Holding on to a Heartache
8. Hold Whatcha Got
9. If it Rains on You
10. Just For Me
girls from santa cruz Ginny Mitchell: Girls from Santa Cruz
Americana folk with perfected songwriting, simple but memorable melodies and stories you have always known.The “Girls from Santa Cruz” CD Is the soundtrack from a one hour television special, featuring the music of Americana singer/songwriters Lacy J. Dalton, Mary McCaslin and Ginny Mitchell.

Our objective is to raise public awareness of the plight of the women struggling to save the Wild Horses of Storey County, Nevada, by creating broadcast programming for PBS Television, and other broadcast, cable, DVD, CD and worldwide Web markets. This gives the others an opportunity to share in the vision of building a permanent wildlife Sanctuary for the Comstock Wild Horses, and experience great Americana Music, performed by Lacy J. Dalton and her friends Mary McCaslin and Ginny Mitchell.

1. Let ’em Run
2. Black Coffee
3. 16th Ave
4. Blue Roan Mare
5. Cowboy’s Sweetheart
6. Slip Away
7. Little Boy Blue
8. Acres of houses
9. Ghost Riders in the Sky
10. Sanctuary
11. And the Spirit Sings
12. the Girls from Santa Cruz
13. Straight to You
14. Listen to the Wind
15. the One Thing
16. I Miss you boy
17. A Wild Rose
18. Prairie in the Sky
19. Wild Pony Lullabye

kpig 2

KPIG’S Greatest Hits Vol. 2

An eclectic collection of live and recorded material collected over the last few years at various KPIG sponsored musical events. The CD will include 11 musical selections that are live or out of print and contains some of KPIG’s most requested and sought after music.

Ginny’s “Lovesong” is featured