Voice Lessons

Voice and Performance Instructor

“It is my belief that if you can talk that you can sing. We are most vulnerable when we are singing. Our “instrument”, the voice, IS us. In other words, we don’t put our finger on a valve or a key on some other instrument to produce the sound. The sound we produce begins with us and is a reflection of all we are. When we are happy our human voice responds, when we are sad, angry or hopeful it can be heard in our voices. To sing is the most intimate kind of expression. I understand how exciting and scary it can be. It is an honor and privilege to work in this realm of human expression.
I promise to be respectful at all times of your process…wherever you are in your journey. I have helped people to sing who have had trouble in the beginning even matching pitch. I have also taught people who were out on the road with platinum selling bands. The deeper dream lives in all levels of expression.
-Ginny Mitchell-
All styles-Jazz-R&B-Rock-Blues-Country
All levels,  Beginner to Pro
Increase your range and strength,
Gain better vocal control,
Engage your audience,
Learn how to get gigs,
Erase stage fright
*Competitive rates*
Where: West side of Santa Cruz
Times: Noon to 7PM, Mon – Sat.
Cost:  $30 1/2 hour   $50 1 hour
Private lessons recorded
Learn from a pro with 30 years of experience in teaching all levels
Call now to talk, that doesn’t cost a thing!