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Ginny teaches voice lessons!
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Teaching philosophy:

"It is my belief that if you can talk that you can sing. We are most vulnerable when we are singing. Our "instrument", the voice, IS us. In other words, we don't put our finger on a valve or a key on some other instrument to produce the sound. The sound we produce begins with us and is a reflection of all we are. When we are happy our human voice responds, when we are sad, angry or hopeful it can be heard in our voices. To sing is the most intimate kind of expression. I understand how exciting and scary it can be. It is an honor and privilege to work in this realm of human expression. I promise to be respectful at all times of your process...wherever you are in your journey. I have helped people to sing who have had trouble in the beginning even matching pitch. I have also taught people who were out on the road with platinum selling bands. The deeper dream lives in all levels of expression.”

-Ginny Mitchell-



sentinel guide

Ginny Mitchell and husband Marty Collins are featured in an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about
their business, The Digital Media Factory

: Ginny's New CD, Just to Hear Your Voice, is HERE! Some of the players adding their talent are Nina Gerber, Rob Ickes,Tiran Porter and John Knowles. The project includes some beautiful new songs written by Ginny, as well as some of her favorites by the Stones, the Cure and Hoagy Carmichael.Find it here, or CD, and Tower Records.

:Ginny's song "Ed and Alice" is an honorary award winner in the Great American Song Contest, November 2006

: Completed work on "Girls from Santa Cruz" CD and DVD. Ginny Mitchell served as the Producer, Music producer and artistic director on the project.

: Released "Girls from Santa Cruz" CD to save the wild horses of Storey County nevada. received airplay on the following stations: KPIG- Watsonville, CA KPFA-Berkeley, CA, KALX-Berkeley, CA, KCSS-Turlock, CA, KZFR-Chico, CA, KVMR-Nevada City, CA, KRCB-Rohnert Park, CA, KUSP-Santa Cruz, CA, KZSC-Santa Cruz, CA, KZSU-Stanford, CA, KSMF-Ashland, OR, KBOO, Portland, OR, KRVM-Eugene,OR, KBCS-Bellvue,WA.

:Ginny was a finalist in the Sister's Folk Festival in Sister's Oregon, one of five out of over 140 entries, Summer, 2003

: Ginny appears in San Diego with her friend Steve Kritzer on two showcases for the Folk Alliance.

: Ginny chosen for official showcase in Austin, Tue, Sep. 12 2006
A committee of five listeners who spent two days determining this years 14 Official Showcase artists. Ginny has been chosen to showcase Friday Sept 29 at 9:40 PM.

: Ginny a Finalist in "On the Rocks" Song Contest in Idaho City, ID, Thu, Jul. 20 2006

: Ginny sings at Strawberry
Tue, Jun. 27 2006
Ginny had a blast on Sunday afternoon (Spring Strawberry '06) with the Austin Lounge LIzards. She sang "We Always fight when we drink Gin".
lizards at strawberry

: Ginny's song "Miss You Boy" airs on KPIG radio
Fri, Apr. 21 2006
Ginny's song "I miss You Boy" with beautiful images of her native Canada is receiving a few spins at the legendary radio station KPIG.

: Mary McCaslin's review
Thu, Mar. 16 2006
Ginny's new CD was reviewed by Mary McCaslin in her column last month.

: Ginny wins the Gail Rich Award
Sun, Jan. 23 2005
News!!!! In January Ginny was awarded the Gail Rich award for excellence in the arts


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