ginny mitchell
Songwriters write and sing their songs
because they just have to.

If they’re gifted, guided and lucky, they know it when they’re young and they pursue it as a career, as a life mission. Like Ginny Mitchell did. Twenty five years later she’s among the premier all time women musicians and singers from that creative arts haven that is Santa Cruz, on California’s alluring Central Coast.

Ginny Mitchell was born in Berkeley and lived in Orinda until the deaths of both parents, a few months apart from each other.
From Orinda she moved to Santa Cruz to live with her uncle and aunt Al and Ruth Mitchell. Ginny had always sung, in church choirs and at school, and took up the guitar around the age of 13. She attended Santa Cruz High School, studying music with beloved teacher Bill Wright.There she became friends with classmate and budding guitarist Steve Palazzo, who she taught how to play a D chord. Steve has gone on to become a well-respected bluegrass flatpicker and fingerstyle player with recordings of his own and with bluegrass band Homefire.

After high school Ginny studied music at Cabrillo College, taking Ray Brown's legendary jazz improv class. She became the first vocalist to finish the class and she went on to receive her Associate of Arts degree in music at Cabrillo. She continued her musical studies at UCSC.

ginny child
Ginny Mitchell as a young musician






"Ginny has a style all her own–
as light as a feather
or as charged as dynamite."

–Larry Delaney,
Editor of Country Music News


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